(((ER ALERT))) Bobby Brown to Release Memoir “Every Little Step”


Bobby Brown once ruled the radio with his R&B group New Edition. While riding the waves of fame, he married Pop/R&B icon Whitney Houston, in a union which became one of the most high profile celebrity marriages of our time. Together, they had one child, Bobbi Kristina Brown, who also struggled publicly in her later years. Bobby and Whitney’s marriage didn’t last, and the intense struggles of their relationship were highly publicized. The couple later divorced as each star tried to put their personal lives and careers back on track. Unfortunately, Whitney passed away in 2012, and Bobbi Kristina passed three years later, under tragically similar circumstances.

The story behind “being Bobby Brown” is one far too complex to summarize here, but everyone has always had questions, opinions and judgements over the years.

Bobby Brown will share his story (his way) in his tell-all memoir, “Every Little Step” which releases June 2016, weeks before the one year anniversary of his daughter’s passing.

“Writing this book has been a therapeutic process for me,” Brown shared with ABC News Friday. “Getting it all out has allowed me to move on with my life.”

The singer and father also spoke with ABC News about the Bobbi Kristina Serenity House, a place the pop singer is building in honor of his daughter.

“It’s for young girls and women of all ages to have a place to come when in bad relationships,” he said. “I feel it’s needed.”

In the interview, Bobby Brown, pleaded on camera with the District Attorney investigating the circumstances surrounding the way his daughter was found on Jan. 31, 2015 in her Roswell, Georgia home to take a close look.

With what we know about Bobby Brown, we’re expecting “Every Little Step” to be an emotional, authentic, and honest look at his life.



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