(((ER ALERT))) Fans Crowded Ivy Park on the Internet!


Beyonce’s athletic/leisure collection, Ivy Park, was made available for purchase on April 14th. Let’s take a look below to compare how the internet is reporting Ivy Park’s debut.

While USA Today reports that brick and mortar stores were far less crowded than expected, Topshop’s website crashed as sales for Beyonce’s Ivy Park went live online.

Topshop and Nordstrom’s digital press teams were tweeting disgruntled customers, making assurances that stocks would be replenished.

The long awaited launch day for Beyoncé’s athletic line, Ivy Park, finally came today and in brick-and-mortar stores, went with little fanfare. Outside of Washington, D.C., there was a short frenzy in the Topshop section of Nordstrom, but nothing like the H&M collaborations of yore.

In New York, the SoHo Topshop was so empty, New York Magazine concluded the city was too busy working to show up. The London storefront (where Topshop is based) was significantly more packed.

According to Time (Money), Ivy Park nearly sold out just after the launch.

While a few items are still available online, it may be difficult to get the size you want. The Ivy Park Bodysuit, one of the collection’s most recognizable pieces, is sold out completely on Nordstrom’s website, but available in extra-small, small, and medium over at Topshop online.

Seeing as high-profile celebrity-endorsed fashion lines have sold out almost immediately, only to pop up and command a premium on resale sites, it’s unsurprising the same thing is happening right now. The same bodysuit mentioned above, which has a normal list price of $50, is fetching three times that at a whopping $150 on eBay.

Cosmopolitan was a bit more harsh with a dramatic headline reading “Absolutely No One Showed Up to Wait in Line at Beyoncé’s Ivy Park Topshop Launch in NYC,” but smoothed it over with a sensible rationalization of the lack of release date mayhem.

Since it was announced, people have been dying over the launch of Beyoncé’s highly anticipated womenswear athleisure line for Topshop, Ivy Park. The collection, which hit stores today, is the type of collaboration that people wait hours in line for, trample each other for — you get the picture.

My mouth dropped when I showed up for the launch of Ivy Park at Topshop’s Soho location in New York. There was not a single person in line.

Don’t get me wrong, people did show up. It just wasn’t the massive crowd everyone expected.

Cornelous Danzey, Topshop’s creative brand manager, was shocked too. His team has been prepping for this day for over a year now. “I was thinking people would be lined up down the block,” he said. “I follow Beyoncé on Instagram and everyone’s raving about Ivy Park.”

But he’s sure the crowd will pick up over the weekend. “I think we made it apparent that Ivy Park is now a part of Topshop’s brand. It’s not just a one-week collaboration that’s going to sell out and disappear — this is going to be with us continually throughout the season,” he said.

In summation, Ivy Park will be available online and in stores all season. So, to those of you who didn’t rush out at the break of dawn as if it were the end of days…good for you.

TOPSHOP Locations and Storefronts Feature IVY PARK


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