(((ER ALERT))) Kobe Bryant Throws Nick Young’s Adidas in Trash!


Everyone knows that Kobe Bryant is a longtime Nike athlete, and makes millions on top of millions with the brand. Nick Young must not have gotten the memo.

Nick is an adidas athlete, and gave Kobe his sneakers for an autograph after Kobe’s (outstanding) final career game earlier this week. Kobe refused to sign the Adidas and threw them in the trash instead.

“He threw my shoes in the trash, but that’s Kobe for you,” Young said. “I was a little disappointed in that, but, you know, he could not end without something like that. He told me to go get some Nikes, he’s not signing no Adidas.”(laughs).

Though the Adidas attempt crashed and burned, Nick did get an autograph from Kobe. He signed a stat sheet, took a photo with Nick’s son, and eventually signed a pair of Nikes for Nick.

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 5.01.48 PM.png

When celebrities have endorsements with brands, it’s expected that they represent only that brand’s products in that space. For example, if you have an endorsement with Nike, you wouldn’t be caught autographing an Adidas shoe.

Watch Nick Young’s exit interview here.



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