(((ER ALERT))) Jasmine Guy’s Daughter Makes Acting Debut!


We know, and love, Jasmine Guy from her iconic years on A Different World, as well as her continued body of work thereafter.

Essence reports the actress’ daughter, Imani, is following in her mother’s footsteps.

Imani Guy Duckette, the daughter of A Different World’s Jasmine Guy, is making her acting debut in the Atlanta play “Serial Black Face.”
The play follows Vivian (Tinashe Kajese), a single mother whose son is missing in the midst of the 1979 Atlanta Child Murders. When Vivian marries Hugh (Gilbert Glen Brown), tensions arise between she and her angsty teenage daughter, Latoya (Duckette). The play runs through April 24.

“Serial Black Face” runs APRIL 2-24, 2016. Buy Tickets Here
A mother’s brave journey of loss, love and learning to choose life.



Atlanta, 1979. The Atlanta Child Murders grip the entire city. Single mother Vivian copes with the disappearance of her young son while working tirelessly to give a fresh start to her troubled teenage daughter. When a handsome stranger enters her life with promises of new love, she soon learns that nothing is as it seems. This award-winning play by one of America’s most promising young playwrights pulses to life with extraordinary grace and raw emotional power.



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