(((ER ALERT))) First News Conference on Prince’s Death, New Details


The autopsy is complete in Prince’s death and, on Friday, Sheriff Jim Olson other Carver County, Minnesota Officials hosted the first press conference to brief the public.

“Welcome to Carver County. I wish it was under different circumstances. This is a tragedy for all of us. To you, Prince Rogers Nelson was a celebrity. To us, he was a community member and a good neighbor. To his family, he is a loved one. In life, he was a very private person. We are going to continue to respect his privacy and dignity in hope that you do as well. We also respect the media’s right to information. This continues to be under investigation. There are some things regarding the investigation that I will not be able to talk about.”

When Prince was discovered unresponsive in the elevator by officials, CPR was administered unsuccessfully. Prince was Pronounced deceased at 10:07AM.

The death is still under investigation, but it is reported there was no obvious trauma to the body and no reason to believe that Prince’s death is a suicide. Processing the scene was completed on Thursday, and the Paisley Park compound was turned back over to Prince’s representatives. Sheriff Olson commented that because the investigation is ongoing, he will not comment on what was found during processing.

Sheriff Olson continuously emphasized that the case is only 29 hours old, and more time is needed for details to be sorted out and information made officially available to the public. Some questions from the media were not answered, with Olson instructed that certain questions will have to be addressed by the Medical Examiner and other appropriate officials.

When asked if Prince was a healthy person, Sheriff Olson replied “I’m not the right one to answer that. We’ll let the Medical Examiner talk about that when that time comes.”

Sheriff Olson was also not able to confirm if Prince was taking any medications at the time of his death.

It was said that there were no calls to the police department involving Prince in the past year, but it’s not unusual to get calls about Paisley Park because of his concerts and parties at the compound – but that no calls directly involved Prince.

Sheriff Olson says the last time Prince was last seen alive, according to information they have available at this time, was at 8PM Wednesday night at Paisley Park – he had been dropped off.

Moving forward in the investigation with next steps, Olson says they’ll be talking to people close to the music icon, gathering medical records and awaiting exam results. He further informed the media that there are approximately four agencies and a number of detectives working on this case, “This is a high profile case for us.”

Martha Weaver, Spokesperson for Midwest Medical Examiners Office, says the autopsy for Prince was a very “meticulous and complete” exam. The exam began at 9AM CT and concluded at 1PM. Weaver confirmed Prince’s body has been released to his family. Information gathered in the exam process will be sent to other labs for further testing. Weaver notes, with the medical exam report, they will look at Prince’s medical history, social history and his family’s medical history. Additional information is pending.

It will likely be weeks, as is standard, before firm answers are provided and verified information is made known publicly. Sheriff Olson assures Prince’s family and representatives have been very cooperative.

Story developing…



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