(((ER ALERT))) Baby of Cash Money Records Gets Hostile with The Breakfast Club


Baby of Cash Money Records briefly stopped by Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club on Friday morning and the internet is buzzing on his dramatic, angry appearance.

The interview was quick, and tense. Baby walked in with an entourage of males, and immediately began demanding the popular morning show crew “respect his name.” Despite his aggressive hostility when addressing the morning show team, hosts Charlamagne Tha God, DJ Envy and Angela Yee handled themselves very professionally under the circumstances.


Baby has been the topic of several morning show discussions, as the rap music world is full of rumors about the CEO/rapper’s sexuality and personal relationships with his artists, financial woes, and talks that he does not fairly compensate his artists. He is currently involved in a legal matter with one of his longtime personal friends and money-making, chart-topping artists, Lil Wayne, over monies Wayne feels are owed to him under his contracts with Baby and Cash Money.

Popular hip hop publication, The Source, further explains some of the history behind Friday morning’s Breakfast Club standoff.

Baby, who has been discussed frequently in recent months on The Breakfast Club given his high profile standoff with Lil Wayne, a violent bus shooting incident that resulted in an indictment that implicated he and Young Thug were in cahoots, and tabloid fodder reports regarding a previous relationship with Keyshia Cole. It was on The Breakfast Club that Rick Ross, who had been believed to be a good friend and close confidant of Birdman for much of his career, denounced the Cash Money Records founder, saying that after witnessing what he’d allegedly been putting Lil Wayne through–Weezy accused Baby of unfairly withholding his new album and his paychecks in 2014–he “can’t respect that.” Ross also flat out declared that he doesn’t have a relationship with Birdman. That interview quickly went viral.

It was reported that Baby reached out to the morning show’s team to apologize with an invitation to sit and discuss the situation. DJ Envy appears open to hearing Baby out. Charlamagne tha God says he has no interest in sitting with Baby and is just fine moving on without a conversation stating “I didn’t know him before this and I don’t need to know him after this. I wish him the best.”

Watch the brief video clip of Baby in the studio HERE.

For the full morning show audio, to hear what happened once Baby left the studio, click HERE.


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