(((ER ALERT))) Soledad O’Brien’s ‘The War Comes Home’ to Screen in Theaters May 24th


Soledad O’Brien is presenting her documentary “The War Comes Home – The New Battlefront” as a one-time event at several hundred theaters on May 24, as reported by Variety.

O’Brien’s company Starfish Media produced “The War Comes Home,” a true story that follows two veterans of the Iraq war on the brink of suicide as they turn to a five-day emotional boot camp for a life-changing recovery. The two entered a program that used meditation, equine therapy, counseling— the Save A Warrior program in Malibu run by veteran Jake Clark.

The documentary originally aired on CNN in 2014.

“It’s hard for toughened warriors to acknowledge their suicidal tendencies even to friends, family and therapists. To reveal them to the public takes a special brand of guts.” O’Brien stated in a 2014 article introducing the project.
“My aim in displaying their raw moments was to give a human face to the disturbing fact that nearly 8,000 veterans of all wars buckle from the stress and kill themselves each year.”


Following the screening, the theaters will also show a taped discussion led by O’Brien with community leaders, experts on veterans’ affairs and celebrity advocates to talk about how our country is serving – and not serving – veterans as they face the challenges of PTSD, family reintegration and unemployment. It includes exclusive one-on-one interviews with actor-director Peter Berg and army-veteran and actor J.R. Martinez.

The former CNN anchor told Variety that the timing of the event is aimed at taking advantage of the Memorial Day observance on May 30.

O’Brien started her own media company, Starfish Media Group, in 2013, after tenures at CNN and NBC News.
Tickets for “Soledad O’Brien Presents: The War Comes Home – The New Battlefront” can be purchased online beginning Friday at FathomEvents.com or at participating theater box offices.

About Starfish Media Group

Starfish Media Group is an integrated media production company and distributor, dedicated to uncovering and producing empowering stories. SMG takes a challenging look at often divisive issues of race, class, wealth, opportunity, poverty through personal stories. Founded by award-winning journalist and multifaceted broadcaster Soledad O’Brien, Starfish Media Group uniquely resonates with today’s diverse global audience through impactful topics that define our time.



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