(((ER ALERT))) Singer Michelle Williams’ New Home Collection, Believe at Home

Image: EVINE

Michelle Williams, actress, solo singer and alumna of one of the most successful girl groups of all time, Destiny’s Child, has expanded her brand outside of music with her new home collection, Believe at Home.

Believe at Home recently launched in spring 2016, and features bedroom linens and decor.

As noted by InStyle, the collection includes sheets, blankets, comforters, and duvet covers—all inspired by the luxury hotels she visited around the world while touring with Destiny’s Child.

Michelle told InStyle there was one person in particular who made an indelible impression: “Tina Knowles taught me a lot…the best advice she ever gave me was to just go for it—as long as you look good and feel confident.”

Michelle’s passion first began as a young girl watching her mother and grandmother create hand-stitched quilts, homemade curtains and bedding. Adding her world travels as inspiration, she has helped create a collection for anyone seeking exquisite, sophisticated items to make their home feel elegant and timeless.

Items from the collection can be purchased through EVINE Live.


About the Collection

Treat your home to the exquisite sophistication of Believe at Home by Michelle Williams ‒ a home collection inspired by the life and style of award-winning pop sensation and Broadway actress Michelle Williams.

Michelle warmly sites her grandmother’s and mother’s maverick home décor ingenuity as inspiration for her own love of interior design, proudly noting their quilting, stitching and amazing eye for detail as inspiration for her new collection.

Taking elements from her life and world travels, Michelle’s line is a timeless and unique assortment of home products that embody her stunning style. Take home the quality, style and value of Believe at Home by Michelle Williams, exclusively available at EVINE Live.




This is a really great opportunity for Michelle! I can see her expanding to add candles, wall art, throw pillows, photo frames and so much more! Just go full out with it! It appears she’s starting small with a few pieces, and this has so much potential! Just think of all the things that makes your house a “home”…the sky’s the limit! Especially with her brand being called “Believe” – that just screams the type of products that make you feel at home in your space and keep you inspired and emotionally supported. She’s onto something here! See, I’m definitely the type of person who would buy her items because the word “believe” would always make me feel good around the house. How cool is it to create products that make people feel good?! It’s an energy. And that makes for super successful brand power!



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