(((ER ALERT))) Lamar Odom Says He’s Seen Heaven and Talks Reconciling with Khloe on KUWTK


Sunday, May 8, Lamar Odom made an appearance on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

The newest KUWTK episode makes mention of how music and Kanye West made a significantly positive impact on Lamar’s recovery; Lamar believes he has seen heaven and shared his experiences of vivid dreams with people who have passed away; and comments on reconciling with Khloe.

Us Weekly recaps:

Lamar was pretty quiet throughout this episode but her opened up when Kourtney asked if he’d seen Heaven. The basketball star implied that he had, explaining that he experienced “real in-depth dreams with people who passed on.” Oh, and Khloé was right there with her man, saying, “I think he went to Heaven from the conversations he has with me.”

Also in the episode, when matriarch Kris Jenner jokingly remarks that Khloe and Lamar should get married again, Lamar replied with “I’ll say my prayers.” Khloe doesn’t completely snub the idea of getting back with Lamar, but it seems to wants to start fresh and figure it out. She is reported saying “because it’s been a little tainted … we need to cut our ties, and we can figure it back out.” She joked that she’ll remarry Lamar “if he’s lucky.” Khloe and Lamar’s responses imply a reconciliation is still possible.

Read Us Weekly’s full recap here, and view clips from the May 8 episode.


simone_headshotSIMONE SAYS:

I’m always super cautious with my reports on celebrity’s personal lives when it comes to their struggles and adversities – through which I believe they deserve a great degree of privacy, and simple human compassion. Lamar’s ongoing recovery and process of rebuilding his life is one of those situations. With this, I can say…I hope for the best possible outcome here for everyone involved. I’m a fan of love and living your best life. I know matters of the heart, coupled with real life issues, can often complicate our perspective and our choices. My two cents on Khloe and Lamar…No pressure. One day at a time, and respect the process.


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