(((ER ALERT))) Brély Evans Shines Alongside LeToya Luckett in ‘Addicted To You’

Image: Harez Productions

Brély Evans is emerging as one of the most notable actors to watch in film and television.

Best known for her roles in The Man in 3B (2015), Being Mary Jane (2014-15), Sparkle (2012), and Just Wright (2010), Brély was recently cast alongside LeToya Luckett (Drumline: A New Beat, The Preacher’s Kid, TV One’s hit series Here We Go Again), Thomas Q. Jones (Being Mary Jane), and Jasmine Burke (Saints and Sinners) in the theatrical production Addicted To You, written and directed by Patricia Cuffie-Jones; which was filmed for television and DVD this May in Atlanta.

Addicted To You is a story of two foster sisters navigating life and love as adults. LeToya Luckett leads the cast as INDIGO BROWN, who moves in with her foster sister AMBER TAYLOR (Brély Evans). Struggling in life and relationships and battling deep hurt, the women try to cope with their painful past, and dysfunctional present. Indigo clings to her mother’s old journal as she searches for any signs of understanding. Through flashbacks, we relive moments of her mother’s life. Jasmine Burke stars as Indigo’s mother, LENA SHAW, who struggled with addiction in the 60s and 70s. Writer/Director Patricia Cuffie-Jones does a great job of seamlessly taking us back and forth in time to tell the emotional story of a disconnected mother and daughter, and how their personal struggles are so intertwined.

Patricia Cuffie-Jones on what inspired her to write this story:

“I wanted to tell a story that causes women to face their truth. What holds us back from the things we really want sometimes is easier to shake than we think. This tale hits a lot of points, but I think one big takeaway is sometimes we have to get out of our own way to embrace the things God has for us. For some that means forgiveness, for others that just means letting go and having faith that what we need is really out there. I hope this story encourages men and women to reach higher, love deeper, and trust that the love they truly deserves exists. Sometimes we just have to be ready for it.”

In Addicted To You, Brély shines as Amber Taylor, a sassy, vivacious, no-nonsense diva who gives advice better than she takes it. A registered nurse and Indigo’s foster sister, Amber conceals her loneliness and scars from being raised in the system through a profusion of sexual and dysfunctional relationships with men.

Brély on channeling Amber Taylor in Addicted To  You:

“Playing Amber Taylor gave me a reminder to be careful of how I treat people. This character gave me insight to the challenges people face as adults having grown up in foster care – that’s a subject nobody really talks about. In our everyday lives we often judge people on their actions when we have no idea what drove them to it. This project has made me personally slow down to really take people in, and engage with them a bit more for understanding. When Amber finds herself, it’s a victory that the audience can relate to. I love it when a character grows me in a way that I wasn’t expecting.”

Following the production, attendees raved about Brély’s performance. It was clear she was a cast favorite – and that’s a pretty tough feat considering the entire cast was far more than outstanding in their roles!

“Oh my goodness, Brély is so talented! She rocked that…she’s gonna blow up! I mean, I knew she could act but to see her live…she’s really good!” exclaimed Natalie Roberts, who was there to support her friend who was working for the production.

With several theatrical productions under her belt, Patricia Cuffie-Jones is known to be very particular when it comes to casting and authentically bringing her characters to life. As was the audience, Patricia was very pleased with Brély’s representation of Amber Taylor.

“Brély has a way of interpreting a truth that every woman can relate to. Whether it’s their joy, pain, or desire to be loved, she brings dialogue to life in a way that truly reflects how women feel and think. Her comedic timing is ridiculous and she’s also a joy to work with. She has a strong work ethic and her light can’t help but to shine behind and on the stage. So glad I had a chance to work with her before she gets her own show and becomes too busy for me. She’s just getting started.”

We caught up with Brély and asked the actress where her sights are set to continue to build her career in entertainment.

“Well, what’s next for me is MORE LEAD ROLES! My feature film The Man in 3B is currently playing on BET, and will be available for DVD very soon – we are all hoping before Christmas because it will be a phenomenal stocking suffer! I’m not just saying that because it’s my FIRST LEADING LADY ROLE, I promise you’ll be talking to your TV screen! I also recently signed on with Click Modeling Agency, so I’m super excited for my first national brand billboard repping for the curvey girls! In between all of that, I’ll be producing and developing both TV and film projects. I keep a goal of staying productive and maintaining positive movement…I keep seven jobs going at all times (laughs)!”

As her star continuously ascends, Brély is certainly one to watch in film and television! As we continue to follow her career, keep checking the very healthy pulse on Brély Evans, right here in #TheER!

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ABOUT THE PRODUCTION: courtesy of Diverge Entertainment and District Film Group

ADDICTED TO YOU takes us back and forth in time as we explore the lives of an estranged mother and her daughter both challenged by love, and bound by blood.

Indigo Brown, a celebrity make-up artist trying to escape her past and a tumultuous relationship in LA, moves in with her spirited foster sister, Amber, in Washington D.C desperate for a fresh start. While blind to her own drinking problems, Indigo learns about her estranged mother’s issues with addiction and struggles with love during the 60’s and 70’s through the pages of an old journal. With the help of Damien, a gallant stranger turned confidant who fights to win Indigo’s heart, she gains the strength to not relive the mistakes of her mother’s past and finally embrace the possibility of true love in her future.

CAST: LeToya Luckett, Brély Evans, Thomas Q. Jones, Jasmine Burke, Keith Arthur Bolden, Marcus Dupree Jones, Allison Nichols Toich, Richard T. Hatcher

***Addicted To You is coming soon to television and DVD. 

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